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Financial Education reaches University Classrooms

Universo Financiero FLP
Universo Financiero FLP

The European Association of Financial Advisers and Planners (EFPA) Spain has launched an exciting initiative called ‘Financial Universe.‘ This initiative is part of the ninth edition of its Financial Education program, which aims to bring financial education to university classrooms across the country. The best part is that this training is entirely optional and free for students.

The ‘Financial Universe’ program is designed for university students of any course and specialty. It will be taught by industry professionals who volunteer their time, all of whom are certified by EFPA Spain. This collaboration between EFPA Spain and the university environment has the fundamental goal of empowering students with strong financial knowledge in a world where the complexities of financial and banking products, easy access through technology, and consumer pressures are growing challenges.

The initiative is launched on Financial Education Day. Following the success of a pilot project in collaboration with the Autonomous University of Barcelona, EFPA Spain will conduct the first workshops with students at a university in Catalonia. All students from all disciplines will have access, and they will expand their knowledge on basic financial aspects, such as managing their personal finances, investing, financing, and entrepreneurship, among others.

These workshops, lasting approximately 120 minutes, will be conducted in-person. The volunteers delivering these sessions are industry professionals certified by EFPA Spain, equipped with the necessary pedagogical skills to share their knowledge with students.

The ninth edition of EFPA Spain’s Financial Education program, which began in March, has also improved accessibility to downloadable digital content for all participants. To date, EFPA Spain has trained over 31,000 professionals from more than 300 schools and professional associations.

Advancements in financial education have been significant in recent years, but it is essential to maintain a constant effort. EFPA Spain works diligently to create accessible and effective educational programs for people of all levels and sectors of activity.

The ‘Financial Universe’ initiative is a significant step towards creating a better-informed and financially prepared society, and Spanish university students are on the right path to taking control of their financial futures!

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